Supported Terminals

Bowling Rewards’ flexible framework allows businesses of all types to operate the program through a wide variety of devices, terminals and POS systems in either an integrated or stand-alone manner. However, if running a gift and loyalty program through a terminal platform is not for you, please review our Card-Less Loyalty solution for an alternative strategy.


Our gift and loyalty software works seamlessly on the most popular iOS and Android tablets and smart phones including: Apple iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Note and more. Enjoy the convenience and functionality of Virtual Terminal from mobile devices.

PCs and Laptops

The Virtual Terminal in conjunction with a USB card swiper and optional receipt printer works blazing fast from a web browser packing extraordinary functionality and performance on a large screen with access to all patron maintenance and transfer functions.


eMobilePOS is a leader in mobile point-of-sale and provides an all-in-one mobile POS and inventory management solution that allows businesses to process sales transactions, accept payments, and track sales and inventory in real-time, from any location on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad anytime, anywhere.

Micros 3700

Micros is a hospitality industry giant and gift and loyalty program integration is available on the Micros 3700 Workstations running RES 4.0+, which must have Micros SVC Host version or above installed. Micros 3700 workstations running RES 5.x must use SVC Host version or above.


POSitouch is one of the hospitality industry’s leading Point of Sale (POS) applications for restaurant table service, quick service, hotels, cafeterias, country clubs, delivery and stadium/arena use. Merchants must be running POSitouch v5.36 or above.

VeriFone Omni 3750

Although discontinued by VeriFone, the Omni 3740 and 3750 series are still widely deployed in the marketplace and generally unlocked allowing unrestricted 3rd party app download. These multi-application credit card terminals feature a large backlit screen, intuitive navigation, and self-contained printer.

VeriFone Vx510 Dual Com or VeriFone Vx570

Although discontinued by VeriFone, the Vx510 Dual Com and Vx570 models are widely deployed and generally unlocked allowing 3rd party download. These terminals can be upgraded to EMV certification for credit card processing with a Vx805 smart pinpad and downloaded with gift and loyalty without signing.

VeriFone Vx520

The Vx520 is VeriFone’s new flagship countertop terminal on the Evolution series and is EMV and PCI 3.0 compliant out of the box. Merchant services processors must sign our gift and loyalty application to make it available for download OR merchants can run gift and loyalty stand-alone without credit card processing.

VeriFone Vx680

The Vx680 is VeriFone’s new flagship wireless terminal that delivers wireless connection through GPRS or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo or 3G. Merchant services processors must sign our gift and loyalty application to make it available for download OR merchants can run gift and loyalty stand-alone without credit card processing.

Hypercom T4220 Dual Com

The Hypercom Optimum T4220 is among the most secure IP and dial-backup countertop terminal on the market today. It holds a large memory capacity and accepts multiple applications. The T4220 is PCI Approved and EMV Level 1 & 2 supported. Bowling Rewards recommends the T4220 for its ability to process over the Internet at lightning speed. However, the T4220 does not support external pinpads for direct mobile entry by patrons.

Hypercom T4205 and T4210 Dial Only

The T4205 and T4210 are PCI PED approved so that you can support debit with or without an external PIN pad. However, unlike the T4220 model above which support both IP and dial-up transaction processing, the T4210 only supports dial-up processing through a telephone line. Bowling Rewards recommends upgrading to the T4220 Dual Com.