Smart Phone Enrollment

Simple enrollment by smart phone

There is no easier and faster solution for enrolling a mass number of customers into your loyalty program that includes mobile app only solutions. Most consumers want speed and convenience and don't want to fumble through searching an app store.

Here's how our enrollment process works:

  1. Our graphics specialists create a customized table talker, banner, floor display or advertisement for closed circuit TVs that works for your retail space where we can advertise the virtues of joining your loyalty program.
  2. Patron sees the advertising either in-store or digitally from email or social media (i.e., Facebook, Twitter) and texts your unique keyword (i.e. CRISPY) to 55678 from their smart phone.
  3. Patron receives a response to unlock rewards and completes registration by tapping a link from their phone. The quick and easy registration process collects name, mobile #, email address, birthday, and anniversary (optional). The fields displayed, required or hidden can be customized.
  4. The mobile number and email address collected during registration are validated through TowerData, a 3rd party database to ensure accuracy and legitimacy.
  5. Patrons have the option to enter a physical card ID during registration if your business circulates cards or can leave the card ID field blank (or hide it completely) and activate a cardless account identified by the patron's mobile phone number. Patrons can even select whether they are a league bowler and choose the league(s) they belong for later subscriber list segmentation.
  6. Upon registering, patrons will earn an activation bonus in the form of a fixed reward (i.e., $5 or $10) or maybe a couple free games of bowling.

    Furthermore, patrons will earn special bonuses on their birthday (even anniversary) with automated emails going out on auto-pilot to hype up expiring bonuses and bring your customers into the facility much more frequently.

Introductory Video

Watch the smart phone mobile enrollment process in action.