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Bowling Rewards offers built-in, permission-based mobile marketing campaign software which integrates directly into the gift and loyalty platform. We use a professional mobile marketing vendor to handle text delivery behind the scenes to ensure optimal delivery. Integration offers numerous advantages which are rarely seen with third-party solutions without integration.


Here are just a few of benefits of using an integrated system for mobile marketing:

  1. Enhance the quality and quantity of data. Go beyond collecting just a faceless mobile number. Integration allows personal information such as name, email, birthday and anniversary to be collected within seconds without customers feeling uneasy.
  2. Automatically load rewards or widgets value (appetizers, desserts, games) into patron accounts to fund balances upon activating their loyalty account.
  3. Automatically send thank you texts immediately after a patron’s very first sales transaction with an opt-in request if the system detects the patron has registered but not yet opted into your mobile list.
  4. Full custom query ability for creating targeted mobile marketing subscription lists from the membership database (for example, females aged 18-35 who have not visited in 60 days, top 100 customers, non-profit fundraisers).

There has never been a more important time for integration with query of the database functionality than today; it’s quickly gone from being a nicety to being a requirement. Sending the right message to the right person in the right manner at the right time is not only more profitable, it can help businesses protect value and wean customers off expectations of lower and lower prices. Today’s marketers simply cannot achieve this level of automated communication from non-integrated third-party applications. Integration matters — and that’s exactly why integrated mobile marketing is bundled inside the Bowling Rewards ecosystem.

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