Value Add Modules


Get Paid in Advance for Increasing Sales and Frequency

There is nothing like getting paid in advance for guaranteed success as opposed to paying for advertising and simply hoping the strategy works but still required to pay the full amount no matter the results. The Bowling Rewards Memberships module reverses this trend while providing a host of key business building benefits.

The Memberships model works 24x7 on virtual auto-pilot to bring in revenue from both online and offline marketing strategies using premium membership sales to customers that are designed to increase frequency without lowering prices or discounting. What!

We will repeat for emphasis.
Bowling Rewards Membership Services is a break-through innovation in customer loyalty that helps business owners increase frequency and spend without lowering prices.

The system helps merchants kick their addiction to discounting and replace with value, customer appreciation and personalization.

How Memberships Work

The first step in creating a membership is dreaming up a value bundle of products and services customers will find attractive, even downright irresistible. These value bundles will encourage multiple visits without discounting. We may utilize free items as a visitation draw but this strategy delivers value without lowering prices  at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods.

Bowling Rewards’ marketing experts work with you to create this value bundle that’s best suited for maximum engagement, but here are few ideas to stir the creative juices:

The Bowling Rewards Memberships module utilizes a proprietary strategy that includes the distribution of 'widgets', that are nothing more than actual low cost items such as 'Games of Bowling', 'Lazer Maze' or even 'Appetizers', in your facility's restaurant. Rather than discounting or lowering prices (which devalues the brand and product with expectations of future discounting), complimentary widgets are offered to customers that have a higher perceived value then a discount while protecting price points at the same time.

The ‘widgets’ can be set with redemption blocks such as 1 or 2 redemptions allowed per day, week or month depending on the specific value bundle. Widget redemption strategies can be further segmented using ‘membership classes’ which means a certain group might be able to redeem two items per week while another group of customers might only be allowed one item redemption per week.

In order to maximize the value of a membership, customers are required to visit and in fact, “lose” value when they do not return. The concept of rewarding customers when they visit while creating the emotion of loss if they don’t, increases engagement substantially (that means more money for you). The widgets strategy is often complemented with other attractive hard and soft benefits such as 10% cash back rewards on all new sales tickets, access to exclusive ‘Members Only’ promotions such as contests, double or triple rewards days during slower periods, reservation priority, etc. Let Bowling Rewards help you dream up a membership for your business where you can set it and forget it!

Daily Deals Comparison with Bowling Rewards Memberships

Comparing daily deals to Bowling Rewards Memberships is akin to comparing apples and coconuts. Sure there is a value package (“deal”) that is sold to consumers for a fee but the similarities between the two models end there. Unlike Groupons and the myriad of daily deal copycats in the marketplace, Bowling Rewards memberships are expertly designed to:

  • Build an accurate customer database the merchant owns
  • Enable relevant communication with integrated Mobile Marketing and Email Marketing solutions
  • Track ROI automatically with built in reporting
  • Protect full price and reduce, even eliminate discounting. 
  • Encourage automatic frequency rather than loyalty to a one time deal
  • Open relationships with non-profits with Cause Marketing / Fundraising solutions
  • And much more!

Let’s now put the two models side by side to further highlight the differences between Bowling Rewards Memberships from the typical daily deal promo.

Comparison Table Between Daily Deals and Bowling Rewards Memberships

Feature Daily Deals Memberships
Sold direct to customers in a B2C transaction Yes Yes
Avoids devaluing brand through discounting. No Yes
Avoids lowering prices as an advertising strategy No Yes
Encourages repeat visits at full price. No Yes
Avoids training customers to only visit with a deep discount. No Yes
Builds a database for the business owner that is owned by the business. No Yes
Communicates automatically with customers on behalf of business owner. No Yes
Cultivates loyalty and trust with personalization. No Yes

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